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Poor printing on header


Hey.  I have a mf8380cdw, and it has not been printing the full header lately.  The top part of the header is missing, its like the letters are chopped off at the top.  The full lettering is like 98 % there.  Computer is running windows 7, and MS office 2016.  Not sure what has changed to cause this problem. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?  Are there any settings to change to fix this problem?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi budman,


Your Color imageCLASS MF8380Cdw has an 1/4 in. margin on all sides.  If the header falls outside of the printable area, then you will need to change your top page margin to successfully print your header.  If the issue persists, I recommend you enlarge the printable area.  Apply the following setting from the printer driver.


1. Click [Advanced Setting] in the [Finishing] page of printer driver.

2. Set [Expand Print Region and Print] to [On].

* Depending on the job, the data may not be printed in a part of document edge, or the bottom edge of paper or the following paper may be tainted.

* This setting is valid only when the job is printed from the printer driver.


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Hey thanks for the reply. I changed that setting that you recommended to "ON".  And tried another print job.  I am trying print a government pdf file.  But there is no change.  The government logo is all there, but the header is still missing the top part of it.  I am so confused as to why that is.

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