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New ImageCLASS MF451dw All-In-One has a streak after < 50 pages


I just purchased this new printer/scanner/copier and out of the box everything printed great.  Now after less than 50 prints it has developed what looks like a roller streak down the right side of every page.  

Looking around online I have run the "clean fixing assembly" and  "clean feeder" maintenance items without any change in the problem.  I have also tried to call Canon on their support line, but can't get past the "say the exact model number" and tell us what it is.  I clearly same "Imageclass MF451dw" and "printer", but it just keeps repeating over and over again.  This is just silly that something breaks after using it less than one week!

Anyone have any ideas or how to contact support?  I don't want to return it just because of this problem, but I'll have to if I can't get this fixed.

CANON SUPPORT:  [Removed personal information for your safety]

Thanks!  Jim Smith



Hi, Jim!

If you need to call support at 800-828-4040 or 800-652-2666, just say the model of the unit: MF451dw, and that should work. If the system still can't understand you, try asking for an operator or hitting zero, and someone will be able to get you to the proper support group (during their normal business hours).