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New ImageCLASS D570 won't show toner status and Customer Service is Useless.


Actually less than useless because it is aggravating to say the least. I just picked up and hooked up and installed my drivers and updates. I intended to use for home to scan documents and copy things I need plus download and copy leather patterns I purchase off the internet. I bought a Laser Printer because I do not need color. 

So I click on the Toner Status in my new Canon icon, but it comes back and says it cannot access that function. OK, it shows me the toner status when I turn it on for a few seconds so I can see it that way, but I went to Canon's website to find out how to fix the status issue as I don't like having useless functions shown on my PC. The printer is hard wired so no issues with wifi as I don't use it. So I go into Chat and the CS person named Mariah informs me that my printer isn't serviced online in Chat and instructs me to call Canon. So I called and was told wait times are going to be 20 minutes. Great, I put my phone on speaker and did some other things while I listened to the same music for 40+ MINUTES!!! Finally some guy answers, but is totally breaking up so bad I could not understand half of what he said. So I give him my number and was able to hear him tell me he'd call me back and I heard him say parts of my number to call me back. HE NEVER CALLED ME BACK!!!


Well I will not even go into the issues I had trying to copy a pattern where the pages were slightly different sizes so I couldn't get a pattern I could use. I just packed up everything back into its box and returned it to the place of purchase who had a great 15 day return policy as there is no point in calling Canon Customer Support. They not only lost me as a customer they made me into their adversary and my son who owns several Clinics will not be buying Canon products, but everyone I meet will hear about my experience.


If this is what their "American based" Customer Service is like I'd prefer they moved it to the Phillipines like my old printer had who answered the phone in a timely manner. Lesson learned, stay away from Companies who use their customers to help other customers solve problems with THEIR products.