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Multiple problems with MF743Cdw, toner use, can't scan, grinding noise


I've had this printer since May. I have a few issues and I'm hoping to get some help before I trash this thing and buy something else.

1) It goes through toner like there's no tomorrow. I've used up all the color toner that came with it and the black toner that came with it plus 70% of a high yield black toner. I've printed less than 2000 pages that have been 97% black and white only. I have the toner save turned on, I don't know what other settings to change to help the situation.

2) App interface is awful; it gives you options to change things but no explanation of what they mean or do. I'm sorry I don't know what effect "toner volume correction" or "gradation smoothing" would have. I don't have time to figure out all this stuff, I'm self-employed and just need my printer to work.

3) I am able to print with no problem but cannot scan. It says the computer is not connected. A large reason I bought this specific printer was the single-pass duplex scanning. I've tried all the USB ports on my computer, it is currently plugged into a USB 3.1 Gen 2 port. I think that's the fastest USB port I have (again, I'm not an expert in this field).

4) It makes a horrendous grinding noise when it's printing. It developed slowly over the last 3 months and is really concerning now. I have checked for obstructions, I've blown out everything I could see, I've checked the toner cartridges for damage. I don't see any reason for this awful noise, it's only a 5-month-old printer!

Please help!!




Regarding ink consumption.  Manufacturers measure yeild based on number of pages and percentage of coverage.  It can vary based on your usage.  Its hard to comment on this.  Everyone has there own ideas on what is acceptable ink consumption is. 


055 standard yields 2,100 Color C,Y,M and 2,300 Black K

055H high yield color is rated up to 5,900 / 7,600 pages, but I couldn't find at what percentage of coverage. 


If your printer is making "grinding" noises, it probably needs to be serviced or replaced.  I would not expect something that is grinding to give me expected yields.


What would I do, take it back and get a new one that doesn't "grind"


If thats not an option, call Canon (1-800-OK-CANON 1-800-652-2666).  The printer has a 3 yr warranty for manufacturing defects. 


We can't offer advice until you are certain the printer is functioning correctly.


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