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New PIXMA TS9520 prints jobs from old PIXMA MG7720


same problem, have never had this problem before, new ts9520

nothing in the print que, first thing I checked

followed directions on MS to clear printer spooler, nothing there but the page prints occasionally anyway, what I did find is the software from my old Canon MP7720, recently passed on to greener pastures after many years of faithful, service (but a lot of paper chewing, far more than the earlier model)  

recently replaced by a TS9520

I uninstalled all the 7720 software, curious to see if that was the problem, I was printing Christmas card envelopes when the 7720 made a grinding sound and expired

so, the page that is printing is not the last project of the 7720... makes no sense

will be back if that did not solve the problem

I hope the ts9520 didn't need any of the 7720 software, I find the canon site difficult to navigate and impossible to sign in to, again today, four tries and how many busses and bicycles do I have to eliminate each cycle of the sign in process and find, once again, I can't sign in (rolling eyes) 

fortunately welcomed by the "community board" 

the fewer problems the better, great printers... awkward "everything else"  

will be back to try the rest if uninstalling the 7720 software and removing, adding the ts9520 didn't stop the printer channeling pages from the past 


Product Expert
Product Expert


What version of Windows is your computer running?

We look forward to your reply.