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Mf8380Cdw wakes up at 2:15 AM


Hello, i have issue with MF8380Cdw, printer, it wakes up all the time around 2:15 AM (at night), printer is connected now via LAN, but it did before also, when it was connected to wifi... printer is not connected to telephone line... it does not print, just do procedure, like when you just turn it on, turns fans. do something inside, you hear same sounds like when you want to print... and same thing, before printer was at office, and at this time nobody cares, because nobody was in office at that time, now i have it in my room, and it wakes me up too 😞


EDIT: printers firmware was updated to latest (05.11.18), with firmware from canon website, few years ago...


EDIT2: I see, that on every different country there is different date for latest firmware, but its V12.01