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Mf 445 Scanning to File


I have set up an MF445 on a network. All printing functions work. The printer is accessible to two computers and 2 iPads. No network issues printing.


I am running Windows 10.


Scanning has been troublesome. I have turned off the firewall for the private network, implemented SMB, and implemented file sharing where I could.


Scanning to a shared file from the printer works sometimes. More often, a pdf file appears in the target shared folder with 0 bytes, the disappears when the printer signals that job is complete.

Scanning from the computer using the cannon scan software will command the document feeder to action, but then the scan progress bar remains at 0% before the process times out. 

Scanning to a USB flash drive works fine.


I have updated the printer firmware.


To summarize, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.


im guessing I have a setting that is hinky but I'm at a loss to figure out which one.


Thank you for any assistance you can provide.



I posted a question a few days ago that included multiple issues. In this post, I'm trying to understand a particular behavior that occurs when scanning from the printer to a shared file.


A PDF file appears in the shared folder at the beginning of the scan. Most of the time, the file has 0 bytes. When the transmission ends, the file disappears.



Screenshot (2).png



Does this indicate that the printer is communicating with the computer on which the shared file is located?

Does this indicated that the communication software on the printer is corrupted or is there something in the configuration of the target computer/share file that is causing the issue?


I'm have the option of returning the printer, but the shipping will be expensive.


Any thoughts?



Hello MysteryWriter, The issue that you are describing looks like a network communication issue. If the scan works sporadically and the file is empty when it does not work, it will point to an issue with the scan information transferring over the network. The scanner connection will need a better connection than the printer portion does so the printer could work fine while the scanner is having an issue. If it was a setting issue, the scans should not work at all until the proper settings are configured. In this situation, I would suggest contacting our support team at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to check your network settings to make sure they are correct and can check for any communication problems.