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Maxify MB5320 How do I make a duplex document flippable ( reverse side upside down)


I have a 40 page docuiment, in landscape mode, that I duplex. The doc. will be placed in a binder and when the reader reads it he/she will flip the pages top to bottom. I wish to print the reverse side of each page  upside-down so the reader will not have to continually turn the binder over. How?


I used "Nuance PDF Pro" and was able to make the back of the page reversed (flippable). Satisfied my needs.

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This is what my piece of junk does automatically and I have no idea how to stop it. Send me the postage and I will send you the printer in the post as I never want to touch the crappy thing again!!

Sorry to hear that you dislike the Maxify. I purchased the MB5320 because it had two input cassettes and am very pleased with it.

Somehow I got the flip (back) side to reverse (probably advice or hint from a good Samaritan..Maybe I fooled around with the printer properties. Lot'sa capability's there.

I encourage you not to give up. In your case, I suspect that you had fooled around with the properties and  inadvertently set the wrong function. Take time to figure that out and you'll find that the reverse of what you did will turn that function on and off. I am beginning to remember that it may have had something to do with "booklet".

Incidentally, in May of this year I fell and spent the next 4 months in rehab. During this four months the printer was left on and when I was able to use it again it worked without error.. A testament to Canon.



I used "Nuance PDF Pro" and was able to make the back of the page reversed (flippable). Satisfied my needs.

I have set both the MAXIFY MB5320 Printer and my laptop (2 feet away) to the same network.  Both are contfirmed on the same network. The computer connects to the internet, but the printer does not see a server although they are on the same network. I cannot wirelessly print to the printer from the computer. I can print using a USB cable.. If I use the printer 'ACCES POINT" and put the computer to that access point I can wirelessly print. However, the computer does not see the internet then.

Long story short;

1. Computer set to network and internet.

2. Printer on same network but doesn;t connect to computer to print wirekessly.

3. Printer and computer can communicate via USB cable but not wirelessly.




This can probably be answered with a phone call. Does anyone have the # to Maxify support?
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