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ImageClass MF6160dw STILL not compatible with Windows 10?


I installed Windows 10 quite a few months ago and my Canon ImageClass MF6160dw will still not scan except by using Windows LESS THAN ACCEPTABLE Scan application.


It seems that Canon is not very excited about getting the problem solved.  This device is still on their "working on it" list.


I paid enough money for this printer and was quite happy with it and the associated software UP UNTIL I switched to Windows 10.


So it seems I have a choice.  Switch back to Windows 8 and be able to use the device or get rid of the device and buy a similar device from a company that cares enough about their customers and will update the software and drivers in a timely manner.


I am not happy with this situation and if something doesn't change PDQ I will sell this paperweight and never come back to Canon as long as I live.


I liked Canon products in the past but this has taken an unacceptable amount of time and it appears to me Canon is no closer to doing anything about it.


What is up Canon?

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