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Maxify MB2320 Keeps scanning for no reason.


I have a Maxify MB2330 printer fax and scanner. The on button keeps blinking.

I could not get the screen to return home or to power down from the on button. So I unplugged it and let it sit for 5 mins to clear the what ever the issue was. I plug it back in and it powered up on its own. Then it scanned as if I had placed several documents in. This lasted 10 mins. until it finally stopped. Now the start button is blinking again. Not sure what to do.



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi KBS7! Thanks for posting in the Canon Community Forum. I see that the lamp on your MAXIFY MB2320 is constantly blinking and the unit doesn’t seem to be fully turning on.

Canon recently made a change that may have already solved the issue for you. If your printer is still experiencing this issue, we recommend upgrading the printer’s firmware.

After you download the firmware updater from our site, we recommend that you turn your router off (disconnect the router’s power cable). Then, you can turn the printer on. You will need a USB printer cable to update the printer’s firmware. These cables contain one end that is square (for the square USB port in the back of the printer) and another end that is rectangular (for the computer).

The instructions for downloading and upgrading the printer’s firmware can be found in the following link:

I hope this information helps. Thanks for choosing Canon.