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MF249DW Shadow Printing


Hi - I have a MF249DW which I am trying to print addresses on envelopes (20 lb) via the custom sheet feeder. I've put in a new LxTek toner cartridge and run the clean fixing assembly routine. The problem is a shadow of the address also prints. Also some ink smudges on the paper. Inferior cartridge? Other ideas? Thanks.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello ColoRob,

If you are getting ghost images, you can open the printer and remove the toner. Once the toner has been removed, You can check the LxTek cartridge to make sure it is not leaking and check the inside of the printer fro any loose toner power that you can wipe up with a damp cloth. If you continue to have the issue, I would suggest contacting support at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to check to see what might be causing the issue and can provide any service options.