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Maxify MB2320 Cannot Install Driver & Software Package


Every time I run the Driver & Software Package file (downloaded from Canon) I get the following:




Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Printer connected via ethernet. Network fully functional.


All help is appreciated.


For future searchers...

Information Acquisition Error

Failed to acquire information on the driver and software. Check the network connection and try again.





This one is usually an easy fix.


See this

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Thanks Rick, but...


I've tried on two computers.


- Download the latest package

- Launch package - WinZip extraction window opens and executes without the ability to interfere.  Any clicks on/in the window prompts an 'Abort Operation? Yes/No'.

- Upon completion of extraction the .exe is launched, and the error message appears.


Computers have full and complete internet access.

I am not given the option to uncheck any boxes.

I have attempted using both 'standard' and 'admin' user accounts.


The other computer is Win 8.1 (don't get me started...), and the O/S wants to get a Canon Printer App (don't want to register for any Microsoft account to get 'Apps') that has a one-star rating and is reviewed as useless.  The computer sees the printer, but I can't do anything with it due to the faulty Canon package.


Am I down to installing one file at a time?  I'm good with that, if it will work.



Hi Zeyemurgy.


If the driver installation from the disc or from the IJ Setup website are producing that error, you can try instead installing the individual MB2300 series MP Driver download, and any of the individual compatible Canon software installations, from the MB2320 Drivers & Downloads page.


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