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Maxify GX7020 Unable to Set up Destination Folder for Faxes Mac

I am trying to set up a shared destination folder for our Canon GX7020 to automatically forward faxes to on our iMac. Complete instructions are linked below:
I set up a folder on the desktop to use named "Faxes". When going to connect it, I get all the way through to choosing a folder, and when I browse for one every folder on the computer is greyed out/unable to be chosen. I do not understand why this is. You can see in the instructions this highlighted section: 
Shared Folder Name in Destination

Specify the destination folder for data. Click Browse..., and then select a folder.


  • Shared Folder Name in Destination is a required entry field.
  • Enter a folder such as a shared network folder in the form of "\\server name\folder name".Separate the server name and folder names with backslashes.
We just have the local desktop, no additional servers or anything. I'm confused as to how to proceed. I tried turning the "Faxes" folder into a shared folder using these instructions:
But it still didn't show up as a clickable option when trying to select a destination folder.
I feel like there must be an easy solution and I am simply computer illiterate, as the instruction seem straight forward and I can't find anything on message boards about it. If you have any idea of what I need to do I would be extremely grateful!

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Apt84,

The apple steps that you were showing would be to create a shared folder on your computer that other accounts can access. The destination folder settings would be for how to access the drive/folder over the network. In this situation, I would suggest contacting our support team at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to assist with the options on forwarding the faxes and can check what network folders you have available that you can save your faxes to.

Oh yes, I posted the wrong link. This was the actual one I was using:

I attempted to get help from Canon support, but the person I was connected with didn't have experience with Macs and was unable to solve my problem. 

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