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Manual(s) for imageCLASS MF6530


Hi. Im going nuts trying to get  ahold of somebody who can maybe help me procure the manual (s) for a Model F189100 Copier. I believe it may be a bit of a dinosaur in comparison to all of the "newfangled" babies that are out now. But, I love it and am now having a bit of a problem with it. Actually, its not mine. It belongs to my bestest buddy and HE loves it.  A manual or manuals would be soo great!! Maybe somebody here can point me in the right direction. Thanks so much!



There are a couple of website that offer out-of-date manuals. A search should turn up something. Have seen some woodturners and woodworkers find manuals for old power tools as table saws, etc.

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Thanks for joining the conversation, Trees!

We don't have anything listed for the model number you mentioned, and chances are that that printer has a catchier model name and number somewhere on its casing.  Your Canon printer's model number should be displayed prominently on the top and/or front of the unit, and if it's a laser printer, it probably appears alongside the word imageCLASS.  Our model numbers typically begin with letters (such as MF or LBP) followed by up to 4 numbers.  Let us know that and we should have an easier time finding you a manual.

We hope this helps!

Im a dope. Somehow I psted this reply and it showed up as a regular post. Not directed to you.  UGH! Not all that tech savvy.  Anyway I did find  another number. MF6530. Way more helpful than the other one. I received an email that provided a link that made it possible to download and print the Basic Manual. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my cry for help!!


Hi. You are absolutely brilliant!! Did find another number that seems to be way more helpful  The number is:MF6530. I did receive an email from Canon, providing me with a link to the  Basic Manual. I had actually found it by my little self. But the format wasn't compatible with my software. Plus it was secured so all I could print out were the first 2 pages without text. The manual is 214 pages. I was going crazy. But the email did make it possible to download and print the beginners basic manual. All 214 pages. Yay! Thanks so much for your interest and time.

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