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MF8580Cdw Scan with computer problems


Hi. I'm new to this forum. Just got a new Canon MF8580Cdw works great, BUT ...


Using the scanner with my computer (Windows) is an unnecessary hassle. Maybe I'm missing something.


Everything works fine as long as I press the scan button and select "remote scanner", but WHY should I have to do this? My previous machine (an HP multifunction) just did it.: put the paper in the feeder and scan from my computer. Is there a way to do this with the Canon? Maybe I need to download a different driver?


Also, in the scanner menu I have to select the source: glass or feeder. Again, WHY? When I use the Canon COPY function, the machine AUTOMATICALLY figures out which one to use.  How do I do this with the scanner?


Lastly, after scanning (by pressing the scan button and selecting "remote scanner") I CANNOT print unless I press the COPY button to cancel scanning. Am I missing something here?


If HP and  Brother (two previous mutlifunciton printers I have used) can make their scanning software easy to use (i.e., operates without pressing extra buttons on the machine), why can't Canon? All the buttons do is control Canon's microprocessor. The same control should be available via a driver that is easy to use.


BTW ... I have three laptops. Different version of windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7) and I have all of the above problems with each one. Also the Canon MF is connected to my router via a LAN cable. All the laptops connect to the router via wireless communication. Everything works fine, except scanning seems to be an unnecessary hassle because of all the buttons one has to push to get it to do what other multifunction printers do automatically.


Please advise on the above questions.




- Simon



Hi Simon.


With the imageCLASS units, you do have to make a scan selection at the machine when you are placing your documents.  There is no driver or software that will allow the machine to scan automatically.


If you want to scan directly from the printer to a computer, please select [Computer] and choose the desired computer you would like to scan to.  Next, select the scan type, and then press [OK].  Press [OK], again.  After the scan has finished, select [Store & Finish] to end the scan.  Next, press the copy button to go back into the standby mode.


***Note***  If no buttons are pressed on the machine, while in scanning mode, after five minutes, the machine will automatically return to standby mode.  This time can be adjusted and that information can be found in the e-Manual.


If you are using the MF Toolbox scanning software, there should be an option for "Auto Mode" in the settings menu, under [Select Source].  For example, when scanning with [Remote Scanner]:


1.  Verify that MF Toolbox is closed on the computer, place your document in the feeder and press the [SCAN] button on the printer.
2.  Highlight [Remote Scanner] and press [OK].  The screen will show, "Remote Scanner. Waiting online...".
3.  On the computer, open the MF Toolbox and select [PDF].
4.  Click the drop-down arrow for [Select Source], select [Auto Mode], and then click [Apply].

5.  Click the green [START] button on the [PDF] window.  The machine will start processing the scan.


I hope this information is helpful.  Should you need further or immediate assistance, please contact us at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666).  Have a great day.

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Thanks for the thorough explanation.


I noticed that there are two "additional" scan buttons of the machine: "Scan>pc1" and "Scan>pc2". If I configured/used one of these buttons would it save a few steps in pushing buttons? So far I've only used the "Scan" button located directly above the display.


I do want to say that I'm disappointed that Canon doesn't provide a driver for my computer so that I can do all of this remotely. Place the documents in the feeder/glass and then do everything else from my computer because this is where the document is going and from where I may make image adjustments.. That's the way it worked with HP and Brother MultiFucntion laser printers I have owned in the past. It's much more convenient.


- Simon


Hello all, I completely agree with Simonz remarks.


I just purchased the MF8580Cdw and am extremely disappointed with the way Canon handles the scanning from computer. Already it took me a whole day to understand that I had to press the scan button on the printer before I could manage the scan from the computer. I would get the 162 or 255 error and I spent hours un-installing drivers etc. on 3 different computers. This is completely non-intuitive especially having used an HP scanner for many years where everything could be managed from the computer.


My first scanner was a Canon over 15 years ago and I am amazed to dicover that the user interface has barely changed in all that time (purely cosmetic ones), with just as few options. MF Toolbox desperately lacks customisation possibilities when compared to the HP Solution Centre.


Why is it not possible to adjust (crop) a scan when scanning from the paper feeder? It means that ech page has to be scanned manually and then merged into one file. I bought the 8580 for its automatic front to back feeder capacity but having to scan manually if one wants to adjust the quality defeats the object.


Why can we not change the names of the 4 customisable butttons on the Toolbox so that we can remember which does what? Why are we limited to 4 buttons?

Yeah It's irritating and retarded the way the software is handled on the printer.  there seems to be no way to make remote scanning the default.


I completely agree.  I don't see any reason as to why they implimented the scanning feature to work like this.  I also am not even able to access the web portal for the printer anymore, and I find myself having to reinstall the driver often to be able to scan.  Even though printing seems to work.  If I, in good conscience, was able to sell this printer, I would have done it years ago and have it replaced with an HP.  To me, the only canon printer worth buying is the Selphy line of Dye-Sub printers.

After my initial post in 2014 I am still using this printer/scanner.


The fault lies in the MF Toolbox software which as I mentioned previously is absolute c**p.


Now I use NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2). It takes a little time to configure to what one wants but one great advantage is that you can configure a button for each type of scan as required. Then the documents can be saved automatically to the right folder in the appropriate format. It is even possible to rename the buttons!

There are also a lot of other tweaks possible, however one still has to select "Remote Computer" on the scanner to get going 😞


All that for free.


Come on Canon why not pay the NAPS creator a licence and install it on your scanners. I'm sure it could be tweaked to your liking, it would save you time and make your customers happy.

It would be very useful and userfriendly if you make the feature "scan from computer" work. Working on apple. I have a one man production company and it's a real pain working the other way around. Thank you so much. Martijn Baudoin


WOW, I am shocked how NOT plug and play friend this device is...YIKES!!!  Might have a return on my hands.


Trying to scan to my computer is nearly impossible. I cannot get the MF Toolbox to even come up.  Only getting "MF Toolbox application has stopped working".  Never even gives me an option to scan to my computer.   Any help out there would be appreciated.   None of the other post have covered this topic.   C


Canon, please step up the ease of use game.

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