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MF743Cdw - computer won't recognize printer during install - please help




I recently bought a MF743Cdw - ColorImageClass Cannon Printer and I am experiencing problems trying to install it. 


** all my internet connections, networks and cabls work properly as they were verified via antoher printer and devices** please note


- I have tried install the printer with the factory settings via direct network lan connection

- I have tried the quick(friendly) connect, I know this shuts all other options of connectivity down

- I tried manual IP input

- wireless


DUring all these tries, both network router, cables, my computer and printer were restarted and verified. While install the driver, the computer does not recognize it.


Please help



Hi stefan1992.


The Canon Community Forum is not for immediate assistance. If this is a time-sensitive matter, you may click HERE to search our knowledge base, or create/log into a Canon Account and register your printer HERE for your personalized support options.


To help the forums provide helpful suggestions, please let us know what operating system type (Windows, Mac OS, etc.) and version is running on the computer(s) on which the printer's installation has been attempted.  Also include any error messages that may have appeared.


If you have been attempting to install using the CD, try instead using the latest driver installation files from the MF743Cdw Drivers & Downloads page.


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