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MF743Cdw: Using 28LB and Thicker Bond Paper

Rising Star
Rising Star

Time to ask another question. 🙂

Usually, we've used 20LB paper in my 743. For the past several months, I've switched from 20 to 28. The machine has handled the thicker paper without issue...except for occasional backside stains that are not resolved by running the maintenance function that is intended to reduce smudging. (The function seems to simply run a blank piece of paper through the system to sop up any residual toner).

Anywhoo...I wanted to see if changing the optioning in the Paper Settings menu would help.

The setting for drawer #1 is LTR 20-22 Bond.

I changed the setting from 2 to 4 (26-28 I think) and exited out to the main screen.

I then asked the machine to print the ECO report to see what happens. The printer went into alarm and asked for me to load the paper into the drawer. Well, the drawer is full of 28LB LTR paper. I rechecked the optioning back in the Paper Settings menu. LTR + 26-28LB.

Curiosity got the better of me. Instead of going back to the original setting, I tried option #3 which is for paper weighing less that 26-28, but more that 20-22. Once that change was made, the alarm cleared, and the ECO report came out.

I then went back into the Paper Setting menu and selected option #4 again. I tried to print the ECO report a second time, but the machine went back into alarm. Went back to option #3, the alarm cleared, and the report came out.

I set the optioning back to #2 and called it quits after trying to see if something else needed to be changed in order to use the thicker paper settings (but not finding anything).

So, I am throwing this question out the group...What extra step is needed in order to select the option to use thicker paper in drawer #1 in the 743 (and I assume this would also apply to the 733)? As stated above, thicker paper can be used when the machine is optioned to use 20-24 weight paper. But I'd still like to try to option the unit correctly for 28LB & some reams of 32LB paper that I have squirrelled away.



The basis weight of a paper does not tell the whole story about its properties. Papers of the same weight can vary in stiffness and surface finish, which can affect feedability, ability to travel around the paper path, etc.

Try different papers of the weights you want to use to see if there's an improvement.

The way that the unit goes into alarm gives the impression that it isn't even trying to lift the top piece of paper. It's as if it is expecting something else to happen or be configure before it will even start the printing process. 🤔

Hello Dexman335,

When adjusting the # setting, the printer will adjust the time the paper spends in the fixing assembly and the amount of heat. It makes the adjustments to help the toner fuse to the paper. After changing the setting, you should not need to make any additional setting changes. The adjustment will slow down the paper feed and that might be what is causing any paper feed issues.

If you are having problems with the paper feed and it works with a lower number, there is a chance the setting works better with your specific brand of paper. We would be happy to assist further with the issue. To see what might be going on with the paper settings and the paper please reply to this post with the information below.

  1. When switching to #3, did it help reduce any stains on the print?
  2. When the alarm turns on, do you get any messages on the printer display or do you get any errors on the computer when you try to print with the paper set to #4?

Hi Hector,

I did not run the unit on the #3 setting long enough to gage if it makes a difference. I had already run the on-board maintenance tasks, so things were fine at that point.

When selecting #4, the unit goes into alarm fairly quickly.

Also, I'm trying to test print the various reports from the touch screen as opposed to using a computer.

Hello Dexman335,

I checked and I was unable to locate any error codes that would come up if the paper setting was on a number higher than needed for the weight. If the the number does not work well with the weight of the paper, it will usually cause smudging issues since the setting helps adjust the time and temperature that the printer uses to fuse the toner. 

In this situation, I would suggest contacting support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666. They would be happy to go over the settings for the paper and check what issue or alarms that comes up when you try to test from the operation panel.



Hi Hector,

I loaded 32 weight paper into the tray and optioned the unit for "LTR/Heavy 2" as that is where 32 weight paper falls.

Here is a snapshot of how my 743 responded. You'll notice that both sources are configured identically, but the 743 balks.

When I step back to LTR/Plain 3, the alarm clears and the test document prints. 🤔

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