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MF743Cdw Scan-to-Email Function


I've read other entries about configuring from a Gmail to get your all-in-one Canon MF743Cdw to send an email with a scanned attachment, following the instructions to the letter.  I just purchased this item and could not get it to work.  We created a separate gmail account without two-factor authentication, created an app password, changed the ports, etc.  None of it worked.  Totally at a loss on how to use this critical business function.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Here are my settings under the E-mail/I-Fax settings:

SMTP Server:
Email address:  xxxx@ 
Pop Rx: Off
Pop Authentication Before Sending:  Off
SMTP Authentication:  On
User name:  xxxx@ 
Password:  set using the App password function on Gmail
Use TLS for SMTP:  On
Verify Certificate:  On
Add CN to Verification items:  On
Use TLS for POP:  Off

I've tried this configuration using SMTP ports 465 and 587



I had to go into the Google account settings and turn "less secure access" on.  See attached.

Good guide here too:

Screenshot 2023-03-18 212612.png




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