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MF743Cdw How to do 2 sided original scanning from device control panel



Is it possible to scan double sided originals from the device control panel?

I cannot find any option to do so.

I can do it from the utility on the PC, but this is not convenient. 



Hi frunobulax.


Information about copying with the imageCLASS MF743Cdw may be found at the following page in the printer's Online Manual:


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I was asking about scanning, not copying.

Hi frunobulax.


I apologize for misunderstanding.


For scanning, each of the scan options will maintain their respective settings individually.  A roadmap to each may be found at the following page in the manual:


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No, this does not help. Thanks for trying though. I wanted to make the choice at the printer on a job by job basis. Sometimes I need 2 sideded, somtimes I do not. I should not have to reconfigure the scanner every time I need to do this.

There is aparently no way to directly control this from the printer on a job by job basis.

The correct answer is you must use the MF scan utilty to change the setting. If you want to scan both one sided and 2 sided documents, you must use a custom setting.


To do this, open the utilitity, click settings, click the middle tab, you can now customize the 4 choices you have when scanning from the printer (Color Scan, B&W Scan, Custom 1, Custom 2). 

You can customise one of the choices to do 2 sided scanning by checking "Scan both sides when scanning from the feeder".

Unfortunately, you cannot rename the Custom settings toi something memorable like "2 Sided color". You will have to remember which oif the 4 chouices you changed to do 2 sided scanning.

It is really frustrating is that there seems to be no way to configure this from the web UI.

This no longer works. "Scan both sides when scanning from the feeder" option is not avaialble.

I had recently updated the drivers, and now two sided scanning cannot be enabled.

I just purchased this printer and I can report that downloading the latest MF Scan Utility allows me to set the setting "Scan both sides when scanning from the feeder"

I can confirm that on Mac, I have not yet found a "2-sided" scan option on either the Device itself nor in the Canon MF Scan Utility. How hard is it for a multibillion company to consistently implement an interface?

I had the same issue, and after working with a terrific Canon tech, we found the problem (at least in my case).

We tried removing all Canon drivers and devices and re-installing, but it didn't help. It turned out I had some sort of TWAIN conflict (it's a scanner standard for remote scanning). What DID help:

  • Go into your C: drive.
  • Go into \Windows
  • Look for the twain_32 or twain_64 folder (it was twain_32 in my case)
  • Look for the folder that starts "MF741" or similar. It may or may not have a bunch of numbers after it.
  • Delete or rename all folders that start with it (I had two).
  • Re-install the drivers.

After that, I went into the MF_Scan utility and the checkbox was there. What I wanted was the Color and B/W options to be single-sided, and the Custom 1 and Custom 2 to be the same thing, but double-sided. It worked fine.

One other thing I liked: I turned off the date folder and aimed all scans to a single scan folder. I also changed everything to PDF to make it easier to file.

Hope this helps!


I just got this printer today, and I came searching for this answer as well. I thought that it wasn't possible to select "Double Sided" from the device control panel, because under "Send Settings" I only saw the options:

  • Scan Size: LTR
  • File Format : PDF
  • Density: +-0
  • Orig. Orientation: Portrait

However, if you drag the choices on the screen up, you will find that there are more options you can select:

  • Original Type: Text/Photo
  • 2-Sided Original: Off
  • Sharpness: +-0
  • Data Size: Standard
  • File Name:
  • Subject/Message: (Entered)
  • Reply To: None
  • Priority: Standard
  • Favorite Settings: Off

Really, they should have included some kind of indication (like a scroll bar) to the right to show that there are more options below. But in any case, the options are there.

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