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MF743Cdw AirPrint won't wake up or IP mode won't two sided print


I too have the "Airprint won't wake printer" problem as have several other people on this board. I've read all the possible solutions but nothing seems to work for me (on a Mac).

If I set the printer up as an IP printer it will wake on print but two-sided printing is grayed out!

When I set up the printer as a Bonjour Multifunction (AirPrint) it properly picks the latest canon driver and when I look at Driver Version it says 3.0. Plus the printer image looks like the ImageWriter printer.

When I set up the printer as an IP printer it also picks the latest canon driver on the setup page. However when I look at the Driver Version it says 10.19.11 and the image does not look like the ImageWriter.

So I can either get duplex printing but have to walk over to the printer and wake it up first OR get single sided printing from a sleeping printer. Any proper fixes to either of these issues? I have update both the printer firmware and my drivers to the latest as of this message.


Spoke to tech support. Somehow the latest driver wasn't really the latest driver. The support page to download the driver auto-selected macOS Catalina v10.15 (which I didn't notice). From that dropdown I had to specifically select macOS 12. Once we installed that version printing via AirPrint does wake the printer.

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Product Expert


If you are having problems waking the printer from sleep when printing from a Mac, it can be caused by the wrong drivers used when adding the printer or by a network communication issue. You can try manually setting an ip address for the printer using the steps in the link provided HERE. 

We would be happy to assist with the issue. To provide some feedback or some troubleshooting steps, we would need some additional information. If you could reply to this message with the information below, we can provide some assistance. For a more immediate resolution to the issue, you can contact our support team at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to help.

  1. What version of the Mac operating system are you using on your computer?
  2. What program are you printing from?

MacOS 12.3.1. Doesn't matter what app I use. Either I get AirPrint with double sided printing (but I have to wake the printer) or I set it up as an IP printer which will wake automatically but no double sided printing option shows.

Spoke to tech support. Somehow the latest driver wasn't really the latest driver. The support page to download the driver auto-selected macOS Catalina v10.15 (which I didn't notice). From that dropdown I had to specifically select macOS 12. Once we installed that version printing via AirPrint does wake the printer.

this is half a solution.  works for a mac pc but does not work for any and all IOS devices which actually USE airprint as their only way to print documents.

I am so sick and tired of this issue.  Here it is, years later and they still have not fixed this via firmware update. DO YOU HEAR ME CANON, FIX YOUR SH#$!! I paid good money for this machine and to use it for ALL of it's advertised features. I have half a mind to form a class action lawsuit on this. Except, then who wins, the lawyers.  when all you have to do is fix your machine!!! 

One possible solution right out of the gate is to get rid of the ridiculous power saver mode. This seems to be the root of most of the problems. When the printer sleeps, it disconnects from the network and then, BYE BYE AIRPRINT! It no longer shows up on the airprint printer selection in any ios device in our home. While you are at it, when i choose the option (which was added during covid supply issues) to NOT worry about "official" toner cartridges....then ACTUALLY DO THAT.  Stop warning me at reboot that my carts are NOT genuine. And stop barking at me on the display panel when i send a print job.  Other people HAVE to have run into this as well.

I saw one person says to use an ethernet cable to connect the printer to the network. WHAT? Why should it matter if I am ethernet or wifi...a network is a network. And having to use a physical cable is nuts. It eliminates about 90% of the places you can place the printer.

CANON. FIX YOUR PRINTER. either that or post your firmware source code so real coders can get into it and do it for you like the opensource movement that has hit so many routers.





What made the whole problem go away is that I did this:

1.  Setup the printer with a static IP address (don't use DHCP).  It doesn't matter if you're printing wirelessly or have it connected via ethernet.  This is critical because you'll need the static IP address later in these steps.  After you have done so, restart the printer and ensure that it's using the static IP address.

2.  Download the latest drivers from Canon's website.  Install them.  (YMMV whether or not this will all work when trying to connect via AirPrint from your Mac, I used Canon's drivers.)

3.  Remove the printer from MacOS.  Remove the Fax too if you have an entry for that.  Reboot if you want to, never hurts after doing something like this.

4.  Add the printer.  DO NOT use the first tab where it auto-detects and finds it via Bonjour.  Instead go to the 2nd tab (that looks like a globe) and add it using the IP address that you established in the previous step.  IPP is the default protocol, keep it.  Then you MUST select in the "Use" field the printer driver you installed in the previous step.

5. If possible, I'd also recommend not using WiFi as the way to access the printer on your network, use an ethernet cable to connect the printer directly to the router.  (I have not done this but it is always recommended!)

6. You can also configure the printer's WiFi settings (if you didn't listen to me in step 5) to disable the printer's WiFi power management setting (turn it off), that was highly recommended in another post and as far as I can tell it couldn't hurt.

As far as I can tell, step 4 is important because it tells the driver "always find the printer at this IP address" and bam, even when it's asleep, I can print to it from my Mac, even via WiFi, when I couldn't before.

This raises the question "what about my iPhones and iPads?" where you don't actually install any print drivers and it relies on AirPrint?  I don't know, I haven't toyed around with that just yet. 

But these steps got me printing from my Mac even after the printer went to sleep and would otherwise have shown as offline.  I hope this works for you.