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MF743CDW - setting up the default paper tray


My printer keeps selecting the multi-purpose tray as the default for print jobs. Every time I send a page to the printer, I have to select Tray 1. I have Windows 11 and I have installed the latest software and still will no select Tray 1 as the default. Anyone else have this issue?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello RoryW2,

The issue can come up if the paper size/type is not properly set for the paper tray. In this situation, you can try checking the registered paper info and making sure it matches the paper size/type that you are selecting when you are printing from the computer. You can use the information in the link HERE to check the registered paper information.

Useless instructions. See Cwew's response for something that actually works.


Thank you for the information, but it is still doing the same thing. I have even selected a different weight paper and still same.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello RoryW2,

If you have checked the paper type and size registered on the printer and it matches the size and type on the computer, you can try reinstalling the MF743Cdw MF drivers from our site using the link HERE. The issue could also be caused by the driver that your computer is using with the printer.



I was able to fix this by enabling the remote access to the printer from the touch panel.  You will need to set a PIN to access the web interface.  Once done open a browser and visit the IP address of the printer.  It will launch a page and ask you to login.  Select System Manager Mode and type in the pin you created on the touch panel.  

From there select Settings/Registration which will bring you to another page.  On the left side you will see many options.  Under the Function Settings header you will select Printer Settings which will bring a new page up on the right side of the screen.  From there Select Custom Settings which will bring up another page.

Under Custom Settings the very first entry shows "Prioritize Driver Settings When Printing"  click Edit... on the top right of the screen. Then you can select "action When Paper Size Mismatch" for each tray and from the drop down select "Force Output" on each.  Then select OK on the top right to save your settings and try a test print.

I am now able to print without the touch screen asking me to pick a tray.  hopefully this works for you as well.


Excellent and accurate response.  Your steps resolved the problem for me.


how do you resolve this problem?

I installed the driver, seems like window 11 automatically detects the driver for this mf743cdw. Every time I click print, the printer lcd prompt asking tray selection. please let me know how we can fix this issue or how we should properly install the driver, tksScreenshot 2024-01-18 170753.png



There are basically 3 places to check.

The printer driver


The printers control panel


The printers remote UI.  


If these don't match or you have a custom paper size registered, you will be prompted to choose a paper size each time you print.

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