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MF743CDW - Feeder Scanning Cutting Left Edge Off


Recently purchased an MF743CDW for use in the office.  Printing works perfectly fine and scanning from the flatbed also works beautifully.  When attempting to use the feeder however, it is consistently cutting off the left hand side of the document.





Hi sscharlau.


On the computer to which you are scanning, open the MF Scan Utility's Settings window, and choose the second tab at the top.  In the left sidebar, select the type of scan you wish to use when scanning from the MF743Cdw, and double-check the paper size listed.  In this case, I also recommend enabling Check Scan Results, so you can review the scan quality before saving it to the computer.


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I have a brand new mf644cdw and am having the same issue. The trailing edge of the page is not captured by the scanner, just as sscharlau described. I'm losing 7/16" of the page, almost half an inch.


I checked the settings in MF Scan Utility as suggested, ensured the correct paper size was set, but that does not fix the problem. Size was set to Letter, I am scanning an 8.5" x 11" document.


The problem seems to be that the scanner does not correctly account for the Letter size document.


In MF Scan Utility settings, if I change the paper size to A4 (8.3" x 11.7") but scan a Letter (8.5" x 11") document, then the scanner captures the full long length, albeit with an edge artifact as part of the scan, but crops the short dimension by 0.2".   This is acceptable for ensuring I get the entire page, but is not ideal.


I updated firmware yesterday when I installed the printer. Main Controller version is 6.03. Boot ROM and DCON are both 2.01. Drivers are from the 8/17/2020 version of MF642CMFDriverV6403W64.exe from the Canon support website.


Here is Letter size setting:

Letter size setting.jpg


And here is the same document but with size set to A4:

A4 size setting.jpg







This symptom occurs if a margin is set to none in the printer driver. A margin of 1/4" (5 mm) or less around the edge of paper or 3/8" (10 mm) or less around the edge of envelopes is not printable with the machine. Make sure to have margins around the document to print.
[Finishing] tab  [Advanced Settings]  [Expand Print Region and Print]  [Off]

If you continue to have difficulties, please contact our support group using the following link:


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Nope, that is not what is happening, and changing that parameter did nothing to change the behavior of the scanner.


The scanner is simply not scanning the last 1/2" of the document as it goes through the document feeder.


This has nothing to do with printing, I'm trying to capture a document into a PDF file. 3 of the 4 margins of the document are fine - they reproduce in the PDF just as they appear in the original doc. It is the last edge that flows through the feeder that is not being captured. It appears that the scanner stops capturing the image when there is still 1/2" of the original document still to go.


To repeat: I changed "Expand Print Region and Print" to ON as you directed, and repeated the scan.  Exact same results.