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MF733CDW... Heartach

So we bought this from Costco. Didn't open it until after the date to return it had already past (first mistake). 


We are printing wirelessly using MacOS 10.14.6 (not updating to 10.15 yet). 


When it works, it works wonderfully. But. When it doesn't work, there is no rhyme or reason to it.


Example. Tonight, my wife printed several documents. The first couple print, the rest are in her que. And they sit there. At some point, the printer goes to sleep. In the middle of print jobs. Sometimes, we can wake it up and it will resume printing. Sometimes, no.


We wake it, no resuming. There are several jobs left in the printer que. On the printer end, it's like it was just turned on and it's not connecting to the computer.


Any tips here?

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Re: MF733CDW... Heartach



What might be happening.  You are welcome to add more details if its not.


Printer is a "moving target". 


Connect printer to your router or network.  router gives it an IP.  Printer goes to sleep, router doesn't hear from printer, assumes its no longer on the network.  Router reclaims IP, puts back into its DHCP pool of available addresses.  You wake the printer up, it connects to the router again...  router gives it a new IP...  Computer still thinks IP is one that was previously assigned.  Its not, it has changed.


Sound possible??


Give the printer a static IP.  This way all devices will always be able to find it at its destination (static) IP that will never change.

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Re: MF733CDW... Heartach

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I hear you, my issue is on my Mini Mac (2018) Catalina 10.15

Brand new Canon printer, very frustrating and your post (and others) makes me nervious even if I get this thing working correctly.

I have a new MF-445dw. Works wireless with my wifes Win10 desktop perfectly but not my Mac mini.

From the mac mini I can scan but not print, when I try to print, it goes to the printer, the printer beeps but nothing prints. 

The ONLY thing that will print off the Mac is in the "photo" section and not very good at that.

(sorry, didnt mean to blow up your post) Frustrating, will try calling Apple and Canon by Monday, if not resolved will return the printer and try buying a Brother.

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Re: MF733CDW... Heartach

Thanks for this tip. Got a buddy who is more advance in his tech skills (he does it for a living, university tech support guy) over last night and we got it set up with it's own static IP address. Here's hoping it sticks and we don't have continual problems!


Thanks for the tip!

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