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MF644cdw Unable to complete gradient (or any other toner configuration test)


I have a MF644CDW printer and have installed some brand new high output canon OEM carts.  When print color test pages, the amount of color dropped on the page is a fraction of what is needed to make the output suitable.  I am attempting to do image quality tests (gradiation, correction, etc), and none of the tests complete, in fact, these tests fail before the printer actually prints a page to scan, when that is required.  The toner carts have only been used to print test pages so far.  Black is the only color that prints correctly.  I have reset the printer to factory settings, cleaned the internals, put other toner carts in, and none of this has helped.  When I spoke to support, they told me I could take it to a repair shop (no such thing has existed in my town for more than a decade), and had no alternatives to test or otherwise troubleshoot the issue.  I wish I had done something when this stated about 4 months ago, because the unit would have still been in warranty, but this is where I am.  Is there any guidance or additional troubleshooting/testing that I might be able to do to get the system to complete the tests?  All printing functions work, the cart springs and other features appear to be in place.



Guess Im going to replace this with a brother.  Not thrilled.



I must have missed this post.  I have a 644 too , but am not having these issues. The printer has a 3 yr warranty.  Are you now outside of that?   I assume it worked previously (until 4 months ago)?

You stated none of the tests complete?  What happens, does an error message display?

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Unfortunately, despite it being a problem for a few months, I didn't report it until after the warranty period ended.

The display on the printer returns "Could not perform correction.".  No issues with toner (all new carts), I have reseated them, replaced them with older toners that still have enough to test, and have run all cleaning tasks.  Even did a firmware upgrade and reset the printer to factory defaults.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Presence,

The issue look like a problem with hardware or the toner. To see what might be causing the issue, you can post some sample images of the printing issue and we can check what might be wrong. Also does the print quality change when you switch between the toner cartridges and which model toner cartridges are you using?

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