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MF4770n won't scan with El Capitan


Hello Canonfolks,


I'm having a problem with my MF4770n.  The scan function suddenly won't work, either when I try to scan from the MF Toolbox, from the MF Scan Utility, or via the "Scan" button on the device itself.


It alwasy resturns "Error code: 2100010"


The only change on my has been upgrading to El Capitan, so my speculation is the problem could be related to that.


I've updated the Canon drivers to the latest, but no luck.  I've "deleted" and "added" the printer in the printer system preferences.  And the device is plugged in via USB, so there are no wireless issues.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  




UPDATE: Tried plugging the device into a different computer.  No change.  



Hi trueheart0.


I will be able to assist you.


Please note that the MF4770n supports scanning with the MF Toolbox.  It does not support scanning with the MF Scan Utility.


May I have you verify that the machine is set for network scanning by following the instructions below:


  1. Select [Applications] under [GO].

  2. Select [Canon MF Utilities] > [MF Toolbox 4.9].

  3. You may receive an error that the scanner is not connected. This is fine.

  4. Click [MF Toolbox] next to the Apple icon in the left corner of the screen and select [Network Settings].

  5. Select the [MF4700 Series], and then click on the [+] symbol and select [Add].

Once you have performed this step, please quit the MF Toolbox, and then try scanning by following the instructions below:


  1. Verify that MF Toolbox is closed on the computer.

  2. Place the documents in the feeder and press the [SCAN] button on the printer.

  3. Highlight [Remote Scanner] and press [OK]. The screen will show, "Remote Scanner. Waiting online...".

  4. On the computer, open [Applications] > [Canon MF Utilities] > [Canon MF Toolbox].

  5. Select [PDF].

  6. Change the source from [Platen Glass] to [Feeder] or [Auto].

  7. Click [OK].

  8. Click [Scanner] at the top of the desktop screen and select the [MF4800 Series].

  9. Select [PDF].

  10. Click the green [START] button on the [PDF] window. The machine will start processing the scan.

Should the error persist, please call us at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666).

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Thanks for the getting back to me, Patrice. I think I see the problem. When I select [Network Settings] under the [MF Toolbox] menu in the app, the MF4700 Series printer doesn't even appear. There's no sign of it. The list of scanners is completely empty. If you have any suggestions for how to get the computer to recognize the scanner, I would be most grateful.

Many thanks!