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MF264dw - Help with "Scan to PC"


I'm determined to actually use this printer/scanner I just spent $200 on.


The printer is connected to my wifi and has the static IP My PC is connected to wired, so it's on a different subnet (192.168.2.xx) but I can communicate perfectly fine with all my other devices on LAN, such as my laptop, from this PC.


I'm using Windows 10. The printer didn't automatically appear in "printer & scanner settings", so I had to enter the IP manually, but the rest of the setup process seemed to work from there. I have no issues printing to it.


I can scan documents if I connect the printer to my computer over USB and use MF Scan Utility to initiate the scan. I can also scan using the "Scan -> PC" button on the printer. It brings up a dialog that looks the same as the ones MF Scan Utility generates.


If I unplug the USB cable and press "Scan -> PC", the printer display says "Connect the computer." I'm not sure how I'm supposed to do this. I connected my PC to wifi and disabled the ethernet adapter to see if being on the same subnet would fix it. It didn't.


I downloaded the "Recommended driver" for this model from the Canon support site, which is MF260MFDriverV610W64.exe. I launched it and selected the "Network Connection (for Network Models)" option in the setup wizard. It gives me this message:


This computer is not assigned with a valid ip address.
Configure the TCP/IP settings, and then try to install again.

which is a pretty bold claim for it to make, considering how difficult it would be for me to post on this forum if I didn't have a valid IP address.


I googled this error and found this thread: where users recommend to disable all other network interfaces before running the installer. Sadly, I don't have any other network interfaces, so that's no good.


I suspect the actual mf260 driver holds the key to making scan-over-network work properly, assuming I can somehow acquire an IP that meets its standards.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Pikajude,


If the scanner driver was not installed using the network option in the setup, the IJ scanner selector will not have the network connection for the scanner so you will not be able to scan via the operation panel. You would need to install the drivers with the option for network selected for it to work. The message about the valid ip will come up when the setup detect that your network connection has an 169.254 APIPA address.


It looks like your computer has the option to connect via wifi and ethernet so it will have at least two network interfaces. While connected to your network via wifi, you can try going into your network settings and turning off the ethernet connection. To do this, you can right click on the network icon in the lower right of your computer screen and then select Network and Internet. In the window that comes up, you can select the option to change adapter settings. In the list of network connection options, you can right click and disable all of them except for the wifi connection that you are using.


Once the connections have been disabled, you can try the install again while selecting the network option and it should move past that message.

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