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MF216n prints fine but will not scan


Running on Windows 10 Home. Device has no issues printing so I don't think this is a physical connection issue. I have removed drivers and toolbox, uninstalled device, and reinstalled but scanner is still not working.


If I try scan from the device control panel it seems to hang up at the Confirm Destination screen and eventually stops and displays An Error Occurred.


Sometimes when I try this it gets to the confirm destination page and offers the choice of my system or B&W Scan but neither choice will allow selection, the processing data light flashes, then the error message again. 


If I try and scan from the Toolbox ulitilty, the pages in the feed will go thru the scanner and it appears to be working but the progress bar in the program will freeze up part way thru and nothing further happens. 


Occasionally it will seem to complete, even to the point of place a new scan file on the computer but when the file is opened the pages are blank. This final result is rare and has only happened twice in all the times I have tried scanning. 


I have reviewed all the troubleshooting options I could find for this problem and nothing seems to be working. Any last suggestions b

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