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LBP226dw Connection Issues


Hi all. I have the Canon LBP226dw. I love it - it's an amazing printer for what I need, but I'm constantly having problems with it. I have AT&T Gigabit internet, and the fiber connection, unfortunately, is in my bedroom closet (I live in an apartment). No other devices have connection issues. The printer is directly beside my computer, connected via WiFi. The printer is always offline - I have to turn it off and back on to print from the computer. I haven't been able to print at all from my iPhone. The phone displays the printer, but if I click on the printer name, it does a search for printers and comes back with the old "Can't find any AirPrint printers" message. I had no issues with that at my house. I could always print from my phone. 


So, issue 1 - the printer always goes offline and has to be turned off and back on to print from the computer and issue 2 - I'm unable to print from my iPhone like I used to be able to without issue. 


It's very nerve-wracking. The only difference is at the house, the modem and router were on my computer desk, about 10ft from the printer (I had Spectrum there). Here, I just have the AT&T provided modem/router (not bridged/unbridged to use a separate router) and it's about 15ft away in the closet, which I keep the door shut.


I can't figure it out. None of the hardware has changed. Can anyone provide some insight or help? The fiber connection is too short to pull the modem out of the closet so that's a no-go. I have a Bose Soundwave (the really expensive one; theyr'e actually amazing for the size, and I'm an audiophile with gear much more expensive than Bose) out in the living room/kitchen area and it has no issue playing wirelessly. The TV has no issue. It's only the printer, which didn't really have problems at the house. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been through all the articles and tried installing the driver, uninstalling the driver, reinstalling the driver, resetting the printer and reconnecting to the network, power cycling the printer and router, turning wifi off/on on my phone. Only way I can print is to turn the printer off and on again. I don't know how long it takes, but the printer just goes offline.




I have 2 LBP226's.


Both are connected wirelessly.  I print from a variety of devices, windows, MAC and mobile.


What will help you.  Assign the printer a static IP on your network.  I did this on the printers, but in a home environment with only one LAN segement you can do this on your modem/router.  Look for MAC address reservation or similar.


You can use an IP at the top of your DHCP pool.  Example 


Its much easier to configure the printer using its webserver.  Using the menu buttons, arrow keys and "OK" can be cumbersome.  You can also give the printer a custom host name and mDNS (mobile) device host name.  Another handy feature, you can set the amount of time that elapses before the printer sleeps. as well as when it wakes. 


I have AT&T fiber at one of my houses.  Its bridged and feeds a Netgear Orbi mesh system.  I have no idea how good the broadcast is on the modem, but the AT&T software interface is clunky for sure.  I tried to use DAC to connect the fiber directly to my Orbi's ethernet without the AT&T modem but it didn't work.


Even in a closet I would expect the AT&T modem/router to brodcast a strong enough signal.  You can verify this.. LAN IP of the AT&T device is  Access code is on the side or bottom of the modem.  Under wireless, there is a broadcast signal strength (1~10) if I recall.  Make sure its set to 10.


While the LBP226 is not a high end printer, it works very well.  We use ours for basic printing and labels for test tubes.  Hope you will find some of this helpful.

Bay Area - CA

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Thanks for the super detailed reply, and thankfully I understand everything you said, lol. Thanks for the LAN IP; I haven't been able to access the modem's web portal because I'm used to 192.168.x.x. Where can I find the broadcast signal strength in the web portal? I'm used to my old Asus' portal. It's showing my printer has 5 bars so it's definitely (and it should be) getting enough signal strength. 


I don't think there's a wireless problem because it's clearly working (after I turn it off/on again), but I can't figure out why my phone won't print from it anymore. I didn't have it assigned a static IP at the old house and my phone had no issue printing from it. In fact, I printed from my phone 90% of the time.


How do I go about making the printer never sleep so it's always online? I don't have the manual anymore. 


You are right. It's not high end, but I got tired of paying buttloads of money for ink when I only print ~10-20 pages a month. Add to that I didn't need color, and this printer is absolutely perfect for me. It's efficient, fast, the toner lasts forever; the only thing I miss having (which I might buy a separate one) is a scanner. I'll probably get one of those expensive portable ones, just so it's small and I can pack it away and take it out only when I need it. 


Anyway, I'd appreciate more help if you can provide it and I very much appreciate the time and detail you put into your reply. Thank you so much.