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MF 4370 dn got e000 error


Hi, my printer got paper jammed and after I removed the paper. I showed e000 error when I tried to print it. I don't know what it means? is there a way to remove it and make it work again? Thanks, Mike.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello mikexia2005,


The E000 error code refers to a possible issue with the heating element in the Fixing Assembly.  The Fixing Assembly heats up and melts/presses the toner onto the paper.  I suggest resetting your imageCLASS MF4370dn using the steps below.  By resetting the printer's power, the print buffer is cleared and certain sensors are reset.  If there is invalid data in the buffer, or sensors are stuck in a particular mode; a message may appear.


Follow these steps to reset the printer:


 1.  Turn the printer off with the Power button.

 2.  Disconnect the data cable from the printer.

 3.  Unplug the printer's power cord for at least ten minutes, and then plug it back in.

Note: If the power cord is plugged into a surge protector, it may be necessary (for testing purposes) to plug the cord directly into the wall outlet if possible.

 4.  Turn the printer back on.

 5.  Retry the operation.


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