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Load Paper.LTR Error Message when printing - Canon MF635Cx


Good day,


I added new paper to my printer, and an error message appears everytime I print a document, prompting me to select the correct paper source. I have disabled the manual feed source and still everytime I want to print a document, I have to select the paper tray before it starts to print.


I have attached an image of the message.


Please help?




Would you be able to walk me through that for the MF743? I went to pronter settings and made tray 1 LTR. Then I went to Windoes/settings/devices/printer/print preferences/ and set LTR and Tray 1. I still get the error the first time I try to print. Thanks again for your help!!!

It didn't work for me either hence my earlier post.  I had to unstall the old print driver that windows installed and use the canon software to install the driver.  That fixed it for me.

Yep, you're right! Loaded the Canon driver and everything seems ok now. Thanks!

Great resolutoin!!! Thank you. 


My brand new Canon ImageCLASS MF743cdw had the exact same problem. 

It refused to print from the tray and would flash an error on every print job!


Load paper.LTR Plain 1


I applied the fix you recommended and now every print job is a breeze.  No more manual intervention


Thank you

Thank you Mailinator! I was losing my mind trying to figure this one out and never would have gotten there on my own. Woman Very Happy

Thanks Mailinator, I tried the others, this one worked immediately.


Hi, I have the opposite problem, the Printer ask me to Load A4 Letter.

I live in the USA. In the printer setting and selected LTR paper and make sure document is set to LTR.

I am able to print but the margin is correct. I can't print Avery mailing labels since things don't line up
How do I fix this.

thank you 

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