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LBP6230dw how do I get WiFi light to stop flashing


While I'm happy with my Canon printer, I'm pretty disgusted with Canon's manual and directions and support. I wanted to set up my LBP6230dw by USB only; it will never be using WiFi, but the available driver for my Mac OS seemed only to work with WiFi. If that's not the case, their documentation is misleading. I followed directions to a T but what I saw on my computer didn't match what they said I would see.  I did end up with a solid blue light, I suppose indicating a WiFi connection, which was annoying just because the light was unnecessary. I think my computer is sending files to the printer by USB.


Whatever I had working before I had to do a clean reinstall of my Mac system, now the printer is working but it has this annoying bright flashing blue light that presumably means its WiFi connection is broken. I don't care; I will never use that connection, and the printer is still working, but I don't want that annoying flashing blue light. Is there a way to disable WiFi, or at least turn the blue light off? 

Canon instructions and manual are shockingly inadequate. I'm afraid that if I try to start from the beginning (uninstall the printer and reinstall it using their instructions) I won't have the working connection that I ended up with originally, through a lot of random trial and error after following the instructions led nowhere.



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