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Issues caused by non-Canon toner cartridges - Color imageCLASS MF743Cdw


I am aware that non-Canon toner cartridges are not covered by warranty, and I'm also aware that there are a ton of people who have mentioned on this forum that the costs of this cartridges for particular model (Color imageCLASS MF743Cdw) are exceptionally high, thus leading to more people than usual trying out the 'counterfeit' cartridges. 

My question is, for anyone who has been using non-Canon cartridges, have you had a faulty cartridge cause lasting damage to your printer? I've been getting very good customer service from the company that sold me my non-Canon cartridges, they send replacements quickly, but only the first replacement worked properly; the last two in a row have not, and they said that Canon (and other name-brand manufacturers) often update the firmware on the machines to further block use of non-Canon cartridges.  

I'm used to seeing the "counterfeit cartridge" error and my printer was working fine through that, but about a week or two ago, the yellow cartridge leaked and turned my prints yellow. I got a replacement and it worked well for a day, then the printer started saying the Magenta cartridge wasn't installed - this is a different message than the "non-Canon cartridge" message. No more leaks, just not able to print because it says there's no magenta cartridge, even though there is. I've restarted, unplugged, used the function to clear to default settings - nothing has helped. 

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, have you had any luck with any tech support, other than just replacing the cartridge? 




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Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Pisces81,

You can try reseating the toner cartridges and check the inside for any loose toner powder that could be causing a toner cartridge detection issue. If the toner loading area is clear and the printer is not even giving you a counterfeit message, it would point to a problem with the toner cartridge. In that situation, replacing the toner cartridge would be your next step.


the cartridge is defective.  It needs to be replaced.  It isnt the install or dirty contacts so the only option is replacing it.