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Imageclass MF4150 Feeds 2 Sheets of Paper


Got a little-used Canon MF4150 laser all-in-one that has worked fine for 16 years but has just started double feeding supply paper.

It picks up and starts to feed the first sheet--then a half-second later, pulls a second sheet in which causes a jam and error light coming on.

Tried several different kinds of fresh 20 pound paper fanned and stacked properly, pickup roller looks/feels clean..

Printer works fine if I only load a single sheet in either the main paper bin or the single sheet feed slot.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello ChasHam,

If you have already cleaned any of the rollers by wiping them with a damp cloth and have checked the printer for any obstructions, the issue looks like a problem with the hardware. We would be happy to assist with the issue. To provide some feedback or some troubleshooting steps, we would need some additional information. If you could reply to this message with the information below, we can provide some assistance.

  1. Did the issue begin after a paper jam?
  2. Do you run into the issue when you try to make a copy as well?



1. No, it began spontaneously.

2. The machine is only used for copying

Hello ChasHam,

From what you are describing, it looks like the paper feed rollers are dirty or the printer needs repair. In this situation, you can open the printer like you were checking for jams and remove any paper. You can wipe any of the exposed paper feed rollers with a damp cloth. Once that is complete, you can reload the paper and try a print to see if you run into the same issue.

If the printer still double feeds, the printer would need service. We do not have any service facilities that work on this model, you would have to check for any third party printer/office equipment repair in your area.

Thanks-- but I retired the printer from service several months ago. Put it out at the curb with a "Free But Needs Fixing" sign including a short statement of the symptoms.

t was gone within a few hours. I hope the guy who took was able to fix it!!

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