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MAXIFY MB5020 problem with black printing


I did not use my Canon MB5020 for several years due to business changes during the pandemic. I now have a need for it. After installing all new cartridges, the black will not print using the normal settings. It will print on plain paper if you set the casette to gloss paper. This prints a very good copy but is very slow and doesent seem to work printing from the computer.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Vernatod,

If the printer sat for an extended period of time without being used, you can try cleaning the nozzles to remove any dried ink. You can try 3 cleanings using the steps HERE. If the cleanings did not resolve the issue, you can try two deep cleanings to see if the black ink starts to appear when you perform a nozzle check.

If the cleanings did not resolve the issue, it would mean the printer needs service. Outside of the 1 year warranty, you can contact our sales department at 1-800-385-2155 to use our Upgrade Program. The Upgrade program will give you a discount and free shipping on a replacement printer.

Thank you.  I don't think this unit is worth repairing and I will probably buy a new much simpler H P product.  This equipment was not designed to be user friedly as far as customers solving their own printer problems.  For example there should be a way for users to physically clean the nozzles or print head.  At least a user should be able to remove and inspect or replace the black cartridge.  This does not seem to be an option as long as the cartridge is showing an ink level.