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Imageclass 8580Cdw vertical line

New Contributor

Hello Canon Community,


My 8580Cdw has a vertical line on jobs sent to the printer. At first, I saw the line on the green drum of the Magenta toner. So, I replaced the toner. But the line continues, and I've seen the line on all the other cartridges. I've ran the cleaning procedures several times each (cleaned the fixing unit, ITB, feeder), but still have a vertical line.


I only paid around $100 for this printer, and it is several years old; so, it's out of warranty, and I don't want to pay for service. I'd rather fix it myself, just need some specific direction. Could there be grit on a roller?


What things can I try to get this resolved? I have the service manual, so I can follow procedure there, but I could use pointers what to do.


Thank you.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Hearmd,

From what you are describing, it does look like there is a problem with the hardware and a parts need replacement or repair. We do not provide steps on how to repair/replace parts that are not considered consumables but, if you can provide some sample images of your print issue, we can check if there is any trouble shooting steps that we can recommend or if we can point out what is wrong.