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ImageClass MF733CDW Faded Printing


Printer was working fine up till I needed to change the toner out, after I changed the toner out I noticed the image on the right side of documents seemed more faded than the left, also images were not as detailed.

Having had this happen before I performed the ITB claning, Fixing Assembly Cleaning, and then perfomed a Full Gradation.

This helped the images to be clearer, but still having issues with the fading on the right side of the documents.

I called Canon and and after having them walk me through, everything I did 3 times in a row, they suggested a Color Mismatch Correction.

This seemed to help a little.

At this point I was left wondering if I may have gotten a bad toner cartridge, so I bit the bullet and bought another catridge.No change after installation of the new one, and I tried all the above steps and still no change.


Paper is 24lb-28 lb with heavier paper selected in the settings.


Toner Cartridges are Canon brand and bought 1 at Office Depot the other at Staples.


I have tried 18lb paper no change.

Cleaning Fix Assembly just passed halfway on the paper the ink is black, then it becomes black with gray mixed in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello SchindlerGarage,


If one side of the print is faded, it will usually point to uneven toner distribution. If you have already tried cleaning the ITB and fixing assembly it will usually point to a problem with the toner cartridge. In this situation, you can remove the toner cartridge and give the toner a light shake 5 or 6 times to make sure the toner is evenly distributed. If that does not resolve the issue, I would suggest replacing the toner with a genuine toner cartridge to see if it resolves the issue. Third party toner cartridges can cause issues like the one that you are describing.


If the printer still gives you printing issues with the Canon toner.cartridge, it would point to a problem with the hardware. If the printer was purchased 2 months ago it would still be under warranty and you can contact support at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to provide your service options.

Hector, after buying 2 new toner cartridges, and exhaustive testing, Canon told me the system was beyond my repairs onsite, with phone support.

However, Canon has a great support system, and after informing me if I could find the recipt, it maybe still under warranty.

After locating the reciept I was just over 2 year old, adn they sent me a newer model, adn even extra cartridges, because I had just purcahsed new ones in trying to fix the issue.

I will continue buying Canon, as they are a great company.