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ImageClass MF726Cdw will not copy or scan


ImageClass MF726Cdw will not copy or scan, it prints from documents fine, but it will not copy or scan neither from the computer app nor the printer itself. The printer is connected to the Window 11 computer wirelessly. I have the most up-to-date drivers. I also get the message: "Cannot communicate with any of the scanners.  The scanners may not be connected, or may be turned off."  I do not think the problem is with the connection to the computer, but with the printer itself since it will not print from the printer control panel. I need help. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello CarlosMarino,

The issue that you are describing would point to communication issues or something is blocking the scanner connection on the computer. In this situation, I would suggest reinstalling the latest version of the  imageCLASS MF729Cdw/MF726Cdw MFDrivers and the network patch for scanning from our support site using the link HERE. Before starting the setup, you will need to turn of any security software that might get in the way of the install. 

Thank you for your reply. After discussions with Canon support, they had me try several fixes including updating the drivers and the firmware. None of these worked and I was told that the problem was that a control board needed to be replaced, but the repair would be about the same or more than buying a new printer. I bought a new new one and now I'm trying to get rid of a multifunction printer that only prints. Thanks again.