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ImageClass MF244dw - some things print too light, density settings take no effect


Hi, when I print certain documents on my MF244dw, certain fonts appear too light and certain "colors" converted to shades of gray that are normally still visible when printed on other monochrome laser printers are too light.  I am not able to change this via density settings.  Any ideas?




PC or MAC??


Certain diocuments are what ??


Do the fonts in question exist on your system?


The printer supports UFRII and PCL.  Are the fonts in  question post script.  There may be some translation differences.    

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Thanks for your response.


Computer runs macOS.  Usually the documents are text but sometimes they can also contain simple lines or background colors like cells from a spreadsheet.  Documents are sometimes .pdf and sometimes .ps.  Sometimes I run Google Cloud Print on the Mac and print from a Windows PC, and I've found that sometimes problems will occur if I try to print something other than a .pdf (like printing a document directly from office).


Can you explain in detail:

- under what conditions the density setting would take effect and under what conditions it would not?

- what parts of a printed document would be affected (e.g., images, fonts, vector art) and what parts would not be?

- how UFRII vs. PCL would affect this?

Hi dsembry.


The default options in the MF244dw will change colored print to a dot pattern in black and white.  If printing is initially set to Grayscale, check to see if a full "Black and White" option is available in the print setting, to make printing more distinct.  You may also wish to raise the Contrast print setting.

Regarding the drivers, the UFR II option is what we recommend starting with.  PCL Drivers are typically employed for use with specialized applications, or when the UFR II drivers are not working correctly.  Each handles print data a different way.


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