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ImageClass D1650 Printer problems, system manager ID and PIN Issue



Can anybody reading this instruct me how to print with the Imageclass D1650 Printer without having to enter an ID and PIN code each time? And also how to activate the Management Settings under the Menu section? It is currently grayed out.

I just bought and recently installed the D1650 for our small, but very busy office. 

First of all, the instructions for the D1650 are not very clear and nothing the manual stated happened during setup. 

Problems I had with setting up:

1. The initial driver settings never appeared during set up.

2. The instructions want the driver set up before USB/hardwiring to office computer. It also states that the printer cannot function in WiFi and USB modes. We find that WiFi printers tend to stall when sending a print job, so prefer USB/Hardwired. Since the driver setup never showed, I finally connected to USB.

3. There is a ID and PIN supplied with the D1650. When the menu asked for these, I was directed to create my own. Now the D1650 requires both ID and PIN with EVERY print job, which is very time-consuming, since we print a lot in our office. We have a small office where security and PIN is not necessary.

4. In MENU, under FUNCTION SETTINGS, the "Set Destination" and "Management Settings" are grayed out, so I am unable to manage the settings, even under administrative mode.

I called Canon Support 1-800-652-2666. I explained our problem with having to enter the ID and PIN for every print job. I was told to turn off the "Secure Print" under the Function Settings, but Secure Print isn't listed under the function settings. We finally played around and found "Secure Print", but there is no option to turn it off on the D1650.

I was on hold waiting for support for nearly an hour before speaking to a rep. I was specific that we have the D1650, but the instructions he gave me don't match. Please help! This is costing us much wasted time!