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ImageCLASS MF4150 Bricked


Let me start this off with I know this product has been discontinued, however this was given as a gift to me as I can in no way afford a replacement of any sort.

With that out of the way TL;DR after a sudden power outage while installing the latest firmware the printer is stuck with all lights on and no information on the LCD showing up. Can this be fixed or is the printer done for good?

The longer version is I had just received this printer as a gift from my aunt as she upgraded. I had it in for about 2-3 days of very light use before finally deciding to update drivers and firmware. Prior to this there were no issues to speak of and after reading about the steps to prevent an error I decided I wanted to keep it that way. I began installing the updates and all was well until a fuse blew and took out everything in my room, the desktop that was connected to the printer as it was updating and the printer itself both lost power. After this both the LCD screen stopped working and all lights remain active. I have looked in several places even this board itself and I can't find anything that addresses this specific model (Although maybe my wording was off but I don't know). The printer has been unplugged, plugged back in to sit for a few hours, I've opened the front panel to check for faulty or broken buttons, and that's the extent to what I know to do. Note: Normally I only mess with the power on and off switch when either turning on the printer or turning off. I do not leave the switch on when unplugging the system nor when turning the system on. The printer no longer gets registered on any of my devices when I plug it in and I have replaced the cord a few times to check the connection to no avail. I no longer know what to do and am desperate for a solution.





It looks like two possibilities:
1. Printer losing power during a firmware update has "bricked" it, meaning it is now as functional as a brick.  This can happen with firmware update failures on ANYTHING...computers, cameras, printers etc.

2. A power surge damaged it. 

Either way, you are stuck. It's a 16-year-old printer that is dead. Maybe you can get your hands on a used printer.

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