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ImageCLASS LBP6030w-- can it be set up on wifi without a USB connection?


I am looking to purchase a suitable laser printer for my wife to use when she is working from home. Her company's administrators disable the USB ports for devices other than pointing or keyboard device types so any printer she uses has to be wireless. However I see in the instructions that a USB connection is needed for initial setup on the wifi network, is this absolutely required? I have her connected to my Brother all-in-one via wifi (in my office in a different part of the house) with no issue but I am not going to purchase the Canon unless it will work.

An additional concern is that I use the Google Wifi and it has no provision for WPS, which I also see referenced, is WPS required? I am an admin at work but prefer the easy mesh that Google provides for home use because the last thing I want to do is play support guy for my own network at home when I am done with the networks at work 😉

Any help would be appreciated-- thanks!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Mattman2020,

The printer would need a USB cable or a WPS button to configure the network setup. You can also perform the network setup from your computer and once the printer is on the network, you can perform the network install on her computer. Other than that option, I would have to suggest one of our models that have a button panel that will allow you to select your network by name and perform the setup. 


Thanks for the reply but after a week with  no replies I bought a Brother printer which works just fine