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Image Class MF743CDW "This cartridge has reached the end of its life"


I purchased my Image Class MF743CDW in 2019.  A couple of years later I also purchased a set of replacement cartridges as backups since they had reached ~50%.  I don't print a lot so the replacement cartridges have sat for about 2 years.  Now my printer is telling me that my original toner cartridges have "Reached the end of their life" and keeps preventing me from printing until I reset the error message.  This is very frustrating since my printer is located downstairs and I have to keep walking down to reset the printer.

I went ahead and replaced all the cartridges even though they still have ~25% to 35% toner left in them.  The New toner cartridges are official Canon cartridges purchased directly from canon in unopened boxes about 2 years ago.  After I installed the new cartridges my printer now says "The cartridge has reached the end of its life" on all the new cartridges.  I have tried powering down the printer, reinstalling the cartridges and nothing seems to reset the error message or recognize the cartridges as "new".  I refuse to buy new cartridges again.  If I can't resolve this I'll go buy another brand of printer.  What else can I try?  I want this error message to stop, not just reset it every time I have to print.



Both the printer and toner have a warranty.  I believe the printer is 3 years.  I am not sure how long the toner is warranted for.  I want to say 6 months.  That said, toners do have a shelf life or use by date in order to guarantee quality and performance.  I'd contact Canon in this case and let them know what happened and the situation you are now in.  

Canon Customer Care


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