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imageCLASS MF644Cdw Getting back to "HOME" menu


When my Color imageCLASS MF644Cdw is in sleep mode and I press the "HOME" button it opens the FAX Basic Features Screen and I have to press "HOME" again to get to the home screen.

How do I fix this so I get to home screen with a single press of the "HOME" button when in sleep mode?



I never fax and haven't experienced this behavior.  I usually press the Energy Saver "moon key" to wake the device.  I'm not at home to test at the moment.  I'll try the home key and see what it does.  You can however press any key to wake the device.  One question.  Is Fax the last thing you did before the device went to sleep?

What happens if you put the printer to sleep from the home screen using the "moon key", then count to 20, then press the home button?




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Yes,the last thing I did was send a FAX. I don't understand why it would remember that. Must be some setting I could clear, no error message or need to FAX again.