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FM743C firmware update-Catch 22


Download from a good fast connection gives no feedback. Firmware should download is a few minutes but no idea of what really happening even after 10-15 minutes.

Load firmware from a PC connected to same network on WIFI just tells to use a USB or Network cable.

There are USB (input) ports but no output (the weird square one). And how would the Network cable be connected? Tried on the same local switch but could not find my PC.

Is there a way to load the firmware on a USB flash drive? (That would be the most logical way to do it)

I though HP was bad on how they do firmware. Canon with the prize!

If anyone has a good way to do this let me know.


So, what is a


Product Expert
Product Expert


The easiest way to update the firmware would be to select the option to update the firmware using the home screen on the printer. You can view the firmware option using the link provided HERE the firmware update option is number 18. For that option to work, the printer will need to be connected to a network with internet access. You can also update the firmware using a USB cable connection. The USB port that is used to connect to a computer is located on back of the printer and you can view it using the link HERE, it is number 5.