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Amazon Dash vs. MF644CDW


I openly admit that I am totally confused, to the point where I might have even posted this in the wrong subforum.

When the printer was new, I used the Toner Delivery Settings to use Amazon Dash Toner Replenishment with no difficulty, but found that it did not work. Canon support told me that they don't know anything about Dash, which I understood.

Finding that my Amazon Toner setup did not work, and knowing little, if anything about the Canon setup, other than being able to follow its directions, I deleted my four toner cartridge entries in Dash, assuming rashly that that would remove the settings in the printer.

Several days ago, seeing that the black toner was down to 20%, I rashly assumed that I could go to Amazon, find that cartridge and click on the link to enroll it in Dash. This fails every time: The forum appears, I enter the printer's serial number and verification code, and click on the button to log on to Amazon. That returns the information that te serial number has been verified, and the log-on button is still there.

Clicking again on the button does nothing. I have explained this to Amazon customer support during two rather lengthy phone calls; at the end of the first call, the agent told me that I would receive an email from an Amazon tech agency, and at the end of the second call, I would receive a phone call within the next four hours.

I have received neither an email nor a phone call, leaving me having no idea how to remedy the situation. Given this, I am posting here to find out if anyone can assist me. I have not found any instructions on how I might be able to unregister the printer with Amazon and start the process anew. I suppose that I could reset the print to its defaults, but am not at all certain that I want to do that.

Ergo, going on my latest rash assumption that I have only the reset option, but hoping that I am wrong and that there is something I can do to get Amazon to replenish my toners, herewith my hope for one or more solutions to my dilemma.




Ahh "rash" assumptions.  They'll get you every time 🤣

Follow the steps here to remove your printer from Amazon "My Content and Devices" Dash Replenishment Printers Frequently Asked Questions: Office Products

Then reregister the device here:

Amazon DART - Landing Page (

Bay Area - CA

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Thanks, but I have done both steps all too many times:

1. Amazon "Manage Your Content and Devices" never shows that the Canon printer is registered.

2. That is likely why your second step never finishes: I have tried several times to enroll never get there.

Something that I have not mentioned is that, for example, if I read the printer's QR code, it says "Verify Printer", whatever that means. I have a feeling that one time when I read the code it replies that the printer was registered, or something to that effect. If the printer is registered, it does not appear in Amazon.

This is all part of the frustration, alas, as it never seems to tell me what is wrong, it just fails.

"Ahh "rash" assumptions. They'll get you every time".

I am a specialist in rash decisions, such as, while at a shed fire, deciding that "there has to be a better way", having not the slightest idea what that might be. Over some twenty-seven months, I found out when the new fire protection district went into operation and I became the first volunteer fire chef and subsequently the first career fire chief.

That absurd rash decision then led me to starting a second fire department for which I was the first volunteer fire chief. Which, in turn, led me to start and run a ten-year-long project to introduce an entirely new technology in fire suppression, developed by the U.S. Federal Wildland Fire Community, to the structural fire service world-wide.

This is, of course, the `usual' thing for a medieval historian to do, is it not? Or is that just a rash assumption?

This is absurd: I have now "received" SIX call-backs from Canon Support. Two said they would call me back shortly, four were nothing but a dial tone when I answered.

As this does not seem to work, I filled in the Canon Support email form, but as far as I can tell, the Submit button does not submit anything. If it did not submit the form, I am now officially stymied, not to mention totally aggravated, upset, even `perturbatus'.


One more: I gave up on Canon callbacks, called and waited a not-overly long time, discussed the problem with a support agent. He put me on hold while he discussed this with some part of their tech support unit, and came back and gave me case number which has one letter and twenty-three digits.

He told me that, as I understood it, that whomever he spoke with while I was on hold said that there could be problem with whatever it is that is what the printer setup for toner replenishment created has a problem.

Time to wait to see if Canon can find and remediate the malady.

Six days later, I received an email that there was a reply to this thread, and that I should "Accept As Solution" if that were the case. I clicked on the link, which took me to here, and presented me with a long message which was a lot of text as to where the link came from, as well as line after line of what I assume was the code for the message that had been posted.

As I had posted the message, and as, among other oversights, there was no place to accept that which I had posted as a solution. I rather wonder what caused that clearly mistaken transmission, as well as why it took so long to get the email telling me that there had been a reply.