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Excel print only one page on MF4470 and any other canon

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I have installed these printers MF4730 and MF4410. Both are on Windows XP machine with UFRII driver for 32bit and shared. Since couple of days both cant print from other computers. Other computer cant print only from Excel. They can print only one page. If they want to print more pages, they receive this message from Exell:

Your file could not be printed due to an error on \\Ofis_22\Canon MF4700 Series UFRII LT on. There are several possible reasons:
- There may not be enough memory available. Try closing file and programs you arent using.
- If you use a network for printing, there may be a problem with the network connection or the printer driver.
- There may be loose cable or a bad connection between your computer and printer.


What i have tried:

- Uninstall of the official drivers and install again: No change

- Uninstall of other drivers on host machine: No change

- Network is fine, no other problems.

- Cables are perfect

This problem is only for excell, if they try to print word documument with 10 pages, it prints normal. 

Can someone advise me what else i can try? Thank you!


After long trying we figured out that the UFR II driver is making these problems. But Canon do not provide other drivers for MF4000 series. Is there people here that can tell Canon to fix this issue? Thank you!


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Re: Excel print only one page on MF4470 and any other canon

I had the same problem with an MF5950 and an MF8580. All other software would work but Excel failed.  I tried both 2010 and 2016 verwsions of Excel with the same results.  I worked with Canon Tech Support and we tried many things.  While on hold, I thought I would try a different driver.  I switched the 5950 over to the UFRII XPS driver and the 8580 over to the PCL 5 driver and that cured the problem.

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Re: Excel print only one page on MF4470 and any other canon

You are a lucky that your models have XPS and PCL. Mine not Smiley Sad
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Re: Excel print only one page on MF4470 and any other canon

Here is the issue.
I work in an invironment with 150 windows computers. Most of them are with Windows 7 and XP. We use only Canon printers.
Before one week we experianced one problem printing from Windows 7 pro 64bit with all updates up to date, and trying to print to shared canon mf4410 printer with UFR II driver/no others from canon/. This first happen with one PC. When the user try to print from Excel 2010 with collate option enabled 2 or more copies, the printer print only page and then goes to Pause and cant be used untill restart or delete the second page from the printer job status.
The bigest problem is that this issue is escalating into other Win 7 Pro machines with direct usb connection to Canon printers.
I try with reinstalling printer drivers, latest, oldest, same problem. As far as i can understand from all that mess is that the problem is somewhere with Windows 7 and UFR II . Because this is happen only with Win 7 computers that print to UFR II drivers. With Xp i dont have any problems. And this is happer with MS Office 2010 only.
When i try with uncollate, the printer print many copies. For now this is the only working sollution. And only if it is changed from Excel, not from the driver.
I try installing other printer and print only with PCL drivers.
Can someone give other directions that i can try?
Thank you very much!

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