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Driver and Scan Utility Version Discrepancies

New Contributor

Printer: MF726cdw

OS: Mac Os 11.1


So I'm having a devil of a time verifying whether the version of both the printer driver and the MF Scan Utility is the current one.  When I just downloaded and installed the newest version of each from MF726 home page ( the following are the version #s given for each piece of softward:

Printer driver:                    V10.11.6

Scan driver and utilities:    V2.15.6


Yet when I check the information for each, I get different version #s:

Printer driver (Opened Printer Queue, click on "About Canon MF 720C Series"):      Version 16 (587)

MF Scan Utility:                                                                                                            Version 1.10.6 (1.10.6)


Why the discrepancy?  The printer driver in particular is curious becaue it would seem to be a straightforward process without potential for deviation.