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Difference between MF644 and MF656 printers?


Hello, can anyone tell me what the difference is between the imageCLASS MF644cdw and the imageCLASS MF656cdw?

Both of these color MFPs appear to have identical specs, except the MF656 is slightly larger. However, both of their weights are somehow the same. What's the deal here? Which one should I get? 

Many thanks!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Dylan1,

The MF656 has a higher print resolution of 1200X1200 dpi compared the the 600X600 resolution of the MF644. The MF644 has a single pass duplex scanner for the auto document feed and the MF656 does not. It would depend on if the scanner features or the printer features are more important to you. In this situation I would suggest contacting sales support at 1-800-385-2155 and they would be happy to assist with choosing the printer that best fits your needs.

Hi, Actually, the MF656 page specifically states "One-pass 2-sided Scanning" - so I'd also like to know, what is the difference between those 2 printers other than the print resolution?

Sales will be happy to help you compare the two. They're at 800-385-2155 Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm (ET). 

You can buy 3rd party toner cartridges for the 644... not for the 656. And to buy four 656 high-capacity Cannon OEM cartridges costs more than the printer itself! Ridiculous!!! I suspect as the 656 is still pretty new, there will eventually be 3rd party options. Shame on you Cannon. You and HP both, shame, shame, shame... I believe there is a law suite about all of this, but am not sure of that. BTW, I would gladly buy the OEM cartridges if  they were competitively priced, say a 10-20% markup over 3rd party... but not a 400% markup.



The 2 models aren't very different.  

644 uses 055 toner, the 656 uses 067

The ADF on both units is single pass duplex

Max print resolution 600x600 vs 1200x1200

Duty cycles are identical.

Both support papers 3.5" > 8.5x14"

The print resolution is the only significant difference.  


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