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Color imageCLASS MF743Cdw unable to color scan checks



I am attempting to scan a check for record retention purposes. When i scan a check every 1/8 or so is blank followed by 1/8 of the image repeated. Is this some sort of security mechanism with the scanner? I did not have this problem on my old HP scanner. The scanner seems to scan other documents fine. If I obscure the majority of the check the portion not obscured scans fine as well. It leads me to believe its not an ink mechanism in the check but some logic in the scanner purposely doing this for checks.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Ron2917,

Some items like certificates, checks and secure documents will scan with lines in it if it is performed in color. You can still scan/copy the checks in black and white. Unfortunately, this feature is built into the MF743Cdw and there would not be a setting to change it.

How can we scan in "black and white"? I have tried several different options. However, I was unable to find the one setting which works for scanning checks. Please advise the exact option to use.

Hello Pointdooly,

You can adjust the scan settings from your computer using the MF scan utility that controls the scanner settings. In the MF scan utility you can click on the option for settings in the lower right. Once in settings, you can select the option to the left that you would like to change the settings for. When you select the option that you would like to adjust the settings for, you will see the setting to the right. In the settings list, you can click on the setting for color and set it to black and white. For more in depth instruction, you can reply to this post and include the specific version of the Mac or Windows operating system running on your computer or you can contact support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to help walk you through adjusting the settings.

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