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Canon MX860 repeats B200 error code -- brought it back to store , they couldn't fix it.


Canon MX860 has error code B200, have cleaned and removed printer head

code still blinks.


I was truly amazed that what you said to do , WORKED! It is a miracle!

I tried what you said, and it worked!

What you said?....WORKED!!!  (I was ready to Chuck it out to the street I was so frustrated!!!)

on e V it was powered off....I manually moved the head to the left.   I powered on (cussing...."you beterr**** work!)...

once powered on with the lid up , I hit the "ON" key repeatedly until the printer powered off, then I closed the cover.   It  N powered back on...IT WORKS!!!   Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

many thanks,



This worked for me.  Thanks for sharing. Specifically, I had to push the ink holder all the way to the left, keep the lid open, unplug and replug. When I pushed to the left and closed the lid and unplugged, the error came back. I also had removed the print head to wipe off excess ink, but it did not resolve.

I have been trying to fix my B200 error for several months.  After following your directions of: opening the cover, moving the cartridge holder over to the left, pressing the "On" button several times until the printer turned off. Then pressing it again 5-6 times, it reset itself and is now working just fine. Thank you!

I have been trying to fix my Canon MX860's B200 error for several months.  After following your directions: open the cover, move the cartridge holder over to the left, while holding it there I pressed the "On" button several times until the printer turned off. Then pressing it again 5-6 times, it reset itself and is now working just fine. Thank you!


Gahhh, love this printer....have had it about a year and came up with the B200. Did some research and started poking around and cleaning things. Nothing worked. I had an old head that had the pigment black clogged that had been cleaned and was sitting in a drawer so I just popped it in to see what would happen. All returned to normal (well except the pigment black is still clogged- bleh). So it is safe to assume that in my case the printer head fried. So I go online and order a refurbished printer head. 


At least the canons HAVE a replaceable printer head...that's a big deal to me to be able to just replace the darn thing by myself. 


Still I had already planned to get another printer in a week or so...I planned on getting another one of these. I think I still should and will....for all I know that the initial problem isn't the printer head but something else frying the printer head for me. 


Canon.....I love that the printer head is replaceable. I don't mind every blue moon replacing a printer head but the other parts of the printer need to be built to last for the kind of price being asked. It's hard on customers who learn to use a certian printer, love it to peices, to have to then go out in such a short time and have to buy something, and generally by that time models have changed and the new and improved is often new but not even close to improved...and we're stuck with it. 


As much as I love this printer ...I love THIS printer and I don't really want your new model. If I have to continually fuss with it or if the printer itself turns out to be short lived....I will get another printer but it probably won't be a canon. There is great value to the replaceable printer head...but only with a printer that is otherwise basically built to last like a little workhorse in the first place. If the machine itself is going to fail after a year or two beyond the print head, it pretty much negates any benefit gained by being able to replace a printer head at home.


Canon...I'll skrimp and save to pay $200 on a printer....even $300 for a printer that is built to last years like a little workhorse with only ink and the occasional print head replacement. I'm not too interested in paying that for a year or two of service before I have to pay it all over again. I've always known Canon items to be of good, solid, quality...that is what the name Canon has always meant....but it seems maybe not anymore to read the comments on the internet. That's a bad road to go down. We'll see how this printer goes.


I need a good printer...I am homeschooling 2 children and am constantly needing to print out all kinds of things.


This is the craziest of all errors and I've been in the computer industry for more than 20 years.  I tried the canon solution and the push to the left - neither worked.  I found another online by Tom's Hardware.




Here's the info:


This is truly unbelievable but it did work for me:


I have become fed up with the number of 'broken' Canon multifunction printers that I have come across that show the 'B200' error on the screen. I have communicated with Canon UK, Canon Europe and certain Canon engineers, all of whom can offer no credible reason for the error nor a definitive solution other than "...its possibly the power supply, buy a new one..." or "...its possibly the carriage, buy a new one..." 

I have established a workaround that has put trouble free life back into many supposedly 'broken' printers.

1. Turn OFF Power
2. Open the print head bay (as though you were about to change inks)
3. Turn ON power
4. Wait for print carriage to start moving to the left and let it go past half way
5. Before print carriage reaches left hand side (but after going halfway across) shut the cover.
6. Leave the Printer turned on
7. Good to go.

(Very occasionally I have had to do this twice in a row to get past the error)

I tried the solution of moving the cartridge head and it worked temporarily but not as a long-term solution. I finally brought ours to a repair shop, a bizarre solution in this day and age of replacements being cheaper than repairs. Sure enough, we spent nearly as much on the repair as a new unit would have cost. The technican replaced the print head. The good news is that we can use the ink cartridges we'd already purchased. 

54 bucks for a new printhead and easy to install. Shame you spent new printer money for it.
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